An exciting new SEO perspective: Local, on-page, SEO strategy and content-based SEO

The best SEO company in South Africa? We prefer to be known as the most unique SEO and digital marketing provider. Swey is a specialist communication agency in Stellebosch and Cape Town, and we have the most unique approach to SEO in South Africa, various SEO services and a reputation for super-efficient, more affordable and strategic SEO services with longer-term results that progressively gain rankings and drive organic traffic.

Here’s how Swey does SEO (Plus: What is SEO, how does it work, what are the types of SEO and can you do SEO for your website yourself?):


Ever wonder why everyone is so intimidated by SEO? Or why so many people view SEO professionals as wizards and search engines as black magic? It’s about your view and approach to them. What is your definition of a search engine like Google, for example?

Most likely, it’s pretty convoluted. So, naturally, your view of SEO becomes hazy. And it’s not much different in the minds of many “SEO experts” we’ve met, which is probably why their SEO efforts lose momentum at some point, and then costs start to spiral out of control soon and, before you know it, they’re having you spend fortunes on Google ads and stuff.

Well, we at Swey proudly have a saying: Top rankings with zero Google ads. And that’s because, at Swey, we’re a digital and marketing agency with an SEO company side that views SEO from an entirely new perspective. 

We have a more intimate knowledge and understanding of what Google (and all other search engines) actually are and how they really work, which gives us a much more unique approach to SEO. Apart from all the usual SEO services, also see our advanced services in content-based SEO strategy.

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Of course we take care of your local, map and SERPS rankings and drive results for effective local SEO.


We’ll do an SEO audit on your website, highlighting and fixing everything from copy and structure to images for real SEO power.


We can optimise your existing pages or create new ones with best-practice on-page SEO – and tweak till you get where you need to be.


All the best SEO efforts are nothing without strategy and momentum: We’ll help you design an airtight strategy, bolstered with our unique content-based SEO strategy.


We’d love to grab a coffee and show you how our unique SEO approach works.


Got an SEO query? Have a look at these frequently asked SEO questions. Or, just ask us.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is literally that: Optimising your web content so that it’s easy to find and prefered by search engines when someone types in a search query. It’s a multi-dimensional discipline that requires great skill, diligence and a lot of vision. And the reason you want it is that billions of people ask search engines for answers every day – and likely tens of thousands of those are for things your business could likely be the answer to.

SEO is making sure your business is the one seen by those people. It’s called organic traffic if they click through to your content. And SEO basically helps get you top rankings, so you’re among the top results on the first page get all that sweet sweet organic traffic (website visitors that come automatically, all the time).

Types of SEO

The “experts” might distinguish between many different types of SEO, but it’s all a bit of hot air. The only real differences are between Local SEO and your standard search engine results (SERPS), which is just good ol’ SEO. You could probably class Voice Search SEO on its own, but a really good SEO team will incorporate that in your basic SEO – if they know what they’re doing.

Can you do a website’s SEO by yourself?

Of course. You can do anything! There are loads of tutorials online and you’re more than capable of learning how to do your website’s SEO by yourself. The real question is: Can you afford to?

It took Swey’s SEO guys over a decade and a half to fully understand SEO and be able to do it naturally. And they’re still learning every day because it’s such a highly specialised field. So, ask yourself, can my business’s website really wait for a few years while I catch up?

Remember, real valuable SEO is not magical or mystical or hidden, you can immediately tell when it starts working because you’ll be able to see the traffic increase, the emails come in and hear the phones ring. Just ask us. 

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